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who we are

BridgingNA is serving Interim Expert Management and Executive Assistance as a leading partner for active market build up and growth in North America utilizing the extraordinary power of greatly merged European and North American strengths and cultures.


Our customers are searching for contacts, business and change in North America, but they do not progress with their organization in place in the United States or in Canada. In spite of these days’ multimedia society, the great ocean between the two major economies Europe and North America handicaps global business development much more than optimistic paroles claim, and the unexpectedly differing cultures do the rest for lacking success.

The North American sales build-up, in particular, emerges as an unpleasant Sisyphus-task to a great number or European companies out of all sectors which are very successful in their business in Europe and other parts of the world.

Typically in the awareness of European headquarters,

  • American Managers act differently from what was expected
  • ex-Pats’ success takes much longer than foreseen and these great employees are missing at headquarters
  • dissonance and friction grows among American employees (e.g. required response times) and the ones at headquarters (e.g. requesting highest product and technologic quality)
  • new products and ideas are appearing permanently instead of "only" penetrating the very good existing ones
  • even high marketing budgets and HR expense do not lead to the projected success whereas it worked everywhere else
  • frequent top management visits from Germany or Europe resp. do not help remarkably, even though the meetings on site were "just great"

It is a fact that the economies on both sides of the Atlantic ocean have just about unlimited potential for cooperative success, and European companies have gigantic business chances in the North American market.
There is absolutely great interest in European companies and products based on very clearly differing features – “Made in Germany” is the brand per se in North America. European Quality and Technology are greatly appreciated.
Bridging though is the key to success – in both directions by the way!

We from bridgingNA help you to bridge into a market with unlimited business partner and customer potential, and we do it in practice!

We are Managers and not Consultants. We support hands-on in a pragmatically professional, dynamic and authentic approach based on a bridging personality of both cultures.
We are confident and experienced, that assertive and responsible German Managers being present in North America with great local experience are the key to success.

Our concept and service differentiates clearly from that of the various Chambers of Commerce as well as pure consulting firms or European ex-Pats, and thus we generate the crucial added value for you: Implementation with Expertise, solid growth and scalability of cost because of local presence.


We are bridging North America for you – being Manager and Man of Action, Sales Professional and Organization Specialist, Cold Call Expert and Backoffice Assistant – and we do it with continuous transparent feedback to the headquarters in Europe.

We place senior Managers on site, who have remarkable Leadership, Sales and Strategy experience in North America and who actively do your job. Typically, a jointly agreed market strategy reflecting the diverse business cultures, has to be implemented successfully, or you plan to build up a local production or service business, or you are yet to start in North America? Our Managers are ready to consult and implement!

Furthermore, we supply local personnel in North Americe to support operations and especially sales of your company. While you maybe searching from the other side of the ocean, we do find the good people locally or may even know them already.

Our Backoffice Team serves as Executive Assistance up to your individual needs, anywhere up from cold calls to complete backoffice management. Whatever you need, please let us know!


A special network, consisting of Management Consultants, diverse Specialists including HR, Sales and Marketing Experts, Insurance, Legal and Tax Professionals etc. allow us for integrated on-site help. Various Partners around Europe support us to join the adaptation (e.g. NA findings to be used or implemented in Europe) on this side of the ocean, namely bridging Europe. It is essential to continuously maintain a maximum understanding in both directions in favor of a consistent portfolio offer that entirely serves the customer profitably.


Please contact us – we will be glad to share suitable references with you.